New Rewards!

We’ve added new rewards to our Kickstarter, and we think they’re pretty cool: a coloring book, tote bag, t-shirt, and a CD of our lead actor reciting some of Lovecraft’s Poetry. Cool!

If you’ve already backed, you still have until July 31 to change your reward by clicking on the big blue “Manage Your Pledge” button on our Kickstarter page.

Tomorrow is our first production meeting with the whole team. So excited to get this ball rolling!


We came, we saw, we Kickstarted

Well, we did it. We met our Kickstarter funding goal in 19 hours! Admittedly, it was a small goal at $1k, and we agonized over where to set it, originally we were thinking $2500, but I wasn’t sure what sort of support we’d find out there, so we minimized down to $1000. Apparently we should have aimed higher 😀

The support was overwhelming, I was touched at how many friends, family, colleagues and strangers we’re moved to help. All contributions, big and small, moved us closer to that base goal and myself, Mike, and our collaborators are so grateful

But we’re not done! I’ll be adding incentives to get us to our next goal ($1500) as well as additional rewards, including a Cthulhu coloring book. Start them early!